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Dr. Marie Christine Duggan

Our organizing questions is, “Why has industry declined in Keene between 1961 and 2017? And yet–how has Keene managed to retain firms that make ballbearings, printing presses, lenses and tools to make satellites?” Two firms that make computerized precision machine tools are employers in Keene, even though other great machine tool makers in the Connecticut River Valley have disappeared–why?

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Dr. Nick Germana

Following the interception of Louis’ missive to his brother-in-law Emperor Leopold II, the National Assembly ordered the king placed under house arrest and prepared for immediate trial. Lafayette stood forward to offer a defense of the king. The trial, which was conducted with haste, was argued before the National Assembly with the prosecution led by the Jacobins.


Dr. John Lund & Dr. Graham Warder

This project, “Set in Stone: Primary Sources in the History of the Granite State,” is a collaboration between Professors John Lund and Graham Warder of Keene State College. Our site employs digitized primary sources (manuscripts, photographs, publications, etc.) from New Hampshire to illustrate larger national historical trends. We use these resources in our own classes and make them available for others to use in their high school and college history courses.